African Organic Produce

Our vision is to develop effective supply chain management for African farmers by the marketing of Fresh, dried and frozen food and commodities which create added values for consumers across the world. We aim to offered management and agricultural support to African farmers by matching their cultivation and management of field to the need of consumers abroad.


Fresh and dried food.

Fresh and dried food includes Pineapples, Fruits, Vegetables, Pea nuts, Cocoa, Coffee, Yams, Tomatoes, Okra, Plantain. Commodities products include Cocoa, Coffee, Cashew nuts, Rubber, Kola nuts, Palm kernel, Coconuts, Cotton, Hibiscus flower, Ginger, Charcoal, Cow horns and hooves, Timber Cimelina, Shrimps and prawns, shea nut and Sesame seeds.

Fresh, dried and frozen food and commodities

We have set up a reliable partner with the farmers in Africa and the consumers (retailers and wholesalers) abroad to ensure effective supply of our products and other commodities.

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